Can't find work? Nevada brothel is hiring male prostitutes

Red lightBobbi Davis, owner of the Shady Lady Ranch located about 150 miles northwest of Las Vegas, has received approval from the local government to hire male prostitutes to work at her brothel.

Our readers who are unemployed -- or underemployed -- can log on to the Web site and apply online. There are only five requirements:
  • Be between 21 and 40
  • Have a good work ethic
  • Must be service oriented
  • Have a willingness to please
  • Have a positive attitude
There should be plenty of interest, given that the tanking real estate market has boosted Nevada's unemployment rate, which is currently sixth in the nation at around 12.3%. Perhaps unemployed real estate agents, carpenters, and plumbers will find new careers in the sex industry.

George Flint, a lobbyist with the Nevada Brothel Association, told CBS that "This is the first time in the history of the
world. . . that men have been licensed to sell sex!"

Could the Shady Lady Ranch turn into the ultimate destination for bachelorette parties?
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