Barbara Corcoran: Kevin O'Leary stiffed me with the check at dinner

Barbara Corcoran is a born salesperson. The self-made millionaire became a household name selling real estate, perhaps the biggest-ticket thing a person can buy. But now, instead of being the one doing the hustling, would-be businesspeople come begging to her week after week on ABC's tense venture capitalism pitchfest, Shark Tank.

While he was visiting Corcoran to get the dish on the upcoming season of the popular ABC show (click here for that video), WalletPop's Jason Cochran got the dish on her rival Sharks who try to horn in on her deals. Maybe she's a little sore from being back-stabbed too many times, because she has a choice anecdote about the time Kevin O'Leary asked her to dinner -- and then stiffed her with the check. "That guy's got billions. I've got millions. Is that fair? No."

Jason also asked her what makes for a successful salesperson. If you want to succeed, do you have to be a born salesperson? Do you have to do months of expensive market research and have every I dotted and every T crossed? Or does it take something else? Corcoran lays it out there: You don't have to be buttoned-up to make money. But you do need something else.

Take her advice and next season, you could be standing in front of her on Shark Tank.

While Jason was there, one of last season's most memorable entrepreneurs, plus-size fashion designer Gayla Bentley, arrived at Corcoran's office for a hard-core business meeting. Bentley had flown up from Houston, Texas, to go toe-to-toe with her Shark investors, Corcoran and Daymond John, to hammer out the next step of her global domination.

Before Jason knew it, Corcoran and Bentley were settling in at the conference table, and he got evicted. The jokes ended, and it was all business.

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