Want to increase your FarmVille bonuses? Try the FarmVille Bonus Checker app

farmville bonus checker app on Facebook
farmville bonus checker app on Facebook

An innovative application on Facebook developed by Xavier Derrey called the FarmVille Bonus Checker is now available for all you FarmVille Freaks!

The application works by pulling together your existing FarmVille neighbors' posted bonuses such as: coin bonuses, ribbon bonuses, adoptable animals, flowers and the coveted Mystery Eggs.

The bonuses that are posted onto Facebook usually require you to scroll through pages of newsfeed as it is organized by the time it was initially posted. This application conveniently groups the bonuses together on one page which saves you lots of time and effort. It gathers the 100 most recent bonuses of your FarmVille neighbors and allows you to pick and choose which bonus you want. Once you click on a bonus and receive the reward, it will remove that bonus from the list. It will also automatically refresh and display new bonuses every 60 seconds.

This application really works and is NOT a scam like many of the other FarmVille apps or groups that are floating around Facebook. Of course the more neighbors you have, the more options you have when it comes to collecting FarmVille bonuses. If you love collecting bonuses but find it too tedious to even bother with, this application is perfect for you and you should at least give it a try!<

You can download or add the application on Facebook here: FarmVille Bonus Checker Facebook application

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