MTV's "Jersey Shore" Puts Beach Town on Map

Perhaps only on the Jersey Shore could a Juicehead in a too-snug Armani Exchange t-shirt affect the real estate market for the better after punching a petite orange-hued and bump-it-coiffed "guidette." The popularity of the MTV show "Jersey Shore" featuring a mess of twenty-somethings hooking up at their Seaside Heights rental and in other various commercial spaces has put the local beach town on the map as a kitschy, must-see destination.

This tidal wave of free publicity has Jersey Shore brokers anticipating more business. One broker confidently predicts that the Jersey Shore could beat the Hamptons in popularity this summer. Same indecent behavior -- excessive boozing and irony-free strutting -- just at much lower prices and with significantly less pretension.

"If you're in your 20s and want to stay somewhere affordable this summer, Seaside Heights is the place," says Sherry Villano of Villano Realtors. "But if you want something quiet, you stay in Seaside Park. My guess is we'll see a lot more young people down [in Seaside Heights], and families wanting a quiet summer moving to Seaside Park."

Following a quiet 2009 summer season, Jersey Shore brokers are hopeful that stabilized prices and plenty of inventory will keep them busier in 2010.

"Overall I think there is a potential that the show will help revitalize the area, said Filomena Ludovico, a broker with Riviera Realty, who actually lives across the street from a producer of the MTV show (and has watched the entire season already). "The show could turn off some of my longtime renters from coming back to the Seaside area. I could see there being an increase in Pt. Pleasant rentals as a result. Seaside prices might go down first and then go up if it's very popular."

"I watched it once and it was not appealing to me," says Villano. "But I look at it positively. Seaside Heights has gotten so much press and it will appeal to a new young crowd and bring in more business to our [communities]. We could use a great shock to our economy."

Porter Street is the heart of all the fricky-snicky Snooki mayhem so Villano suggests those seeking respite from "guido-and-guidette" dramarama to head to central Seaside Park. "The fast nightlife is in the northern end," says Villano.

"We're getting the next extreme," says Ludovico. "It's like watching the Sopranos shoot each other. You don't really see that on the street in those neighborhoods. If you come to Seaside Heights in the summer you aren't going to see what you see on the 'Jersey Shore.'"

Perhaps like the "Sopranos" and "Sex and the City," "Jersey Shore" will score walking (or boozing) tours where touristic fans can visit the popular properties frequented by the stars of the show.

Summer 2010 isn't that far off and Villano has two listings available in Seaside Heights for those looking for a few weeks to channel their inner Snooki, J-Woww, "The Situation" and DJ Pauly D. There's an 1,800-square-foot beachside condo listing for $1,850 a week with 3-bedrooms and two-bathrooms. It sleeps eight and is located mere steps from the beach. (But dang, no jacuzzi!) The other is a newly updated 1,600 square foot bayside condo listed at $2,500 a week for 2-bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. It sleeps six people and has a rooftop pool and game room. For gettin your game on and fist pumpin!
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