Mid-Century for Sale


If you've always craved a Mid-Century Modern home, now might be the time to embrace your inner Rob Petrie.

Even Mad Men mania, it seems, can't keep the once-booming market for classic MCM houses safe from the roiling real estate market - including architect Richard Neutra's iconic Kaufmann house in Palm Springs.

The much photographed (by Julius Schulman) masterpiece was removed from listings last March after only a few potential buyers came forward offering less than $10 million -- under the $12.9 million asking price, and way under the $19 million reportedly offered at a Christie's auction in 2008 (which fell through behind the scenes), according to the listings agent Crosby Doe in Beverly Hills.

"Many owners are not willing to give away an architectural treasure in a market like this," he says.

But other owners are apparently ready to haggle.