Dollars and Sense 101: College students boning up on money matters


Sure most high schools and college students learn the basics like how to balance a checkbook, but few know how to navigate the complicated financial waters facing them when they graduate. Things like credit card debt, what's now required to get a loan and how easily your credit can take a beating are invaluable life skills.

Enter Union Bank vice president Pierre Habis, who taught a semester-long class at Chapman University in Orange, CA ,on financial literacy.

Habis, who began talking with university officials a year ago about teaching, told the Los Angeles Timeshe decided to do so because he saw signs that his own young employees weren't putting two and two together.

As an example, he said he watched people in their '20s leave for other jobs for minimal pay increases largely because they thought the move would help pay off their debts. The better long-term play, he said, would have been to stay at the bank.