Country Story gets prim and proper with new Victorian items

country story victorian items
country story victorian items

Country Story, the farming simulation game from Playfish, turns farm life into the luxe life with Victorian era inspired furniture, scrolling white fencing, rose-covered archways, a prim and proper table set for tea and more in this week's big update.

All of the new items cost anywhere from 300 to 60,000 coins (which is the high price you'll have to pay for a white marble statue holding some flowers). For 50,000 coins, you can purchase your very own penguin butler.

Most of the new items can be purchased with coins, but there are a few premium items that must be purchased with Playfish Cash (meaning you have to spend real-life cash), which include rose-covered fences and the animated teddy bear (seen in the pic to the right) in an oh-so-precious stroller.

Below, my Country Story avatar enjoys her new refined Victorian-inspired furniture and lawn decorations.

country story victorian furniture libe sue
country story victorian furniture libe sue

What do you think about the new Victorian items? Are they too fancy for country living?

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