Miami Vice into Virtue with Code 21

No, Miami isn't just the backdrop for the Kardashian sisters. It also happens to be at the forefront of New Urbanism with the goal to completely redesign its cityscape thanks to the October adoption of Code 21.

Code 21 creates a form-based code to encourage walkable streetscape development and mixed-use landscapes. The code is the result of five years of public discussion and debate. The new code will allow for diverse items ranging from wider sidewalks, more green space, and better transit, among other initiatives.

Boston Globe writer Anthony Flint praises the move as a "blueprint for sustainable urban form," and the planning community has expressed enthusiastic approval. The U.S. Conference of Mayors presented Mayor Diaz with an architectural award for efforts relating to Code 21. It seems forward thinking for a city which, as New Geography writes, "[has] been egregiously abused at the hands of the free market; its citizens disenfranchised and suffering from an environment of ugliness, traffic and congestion."

Who in their right mind would oppose Code 21 and its efforts to make more walkable neighborhoods in Miami? You might be surprised...

The local AIA chapter, for starters. Turns out that mainstream architects aren't too happy, claiming Code 21 would stifle creativity. (Even though some creative design isn't always the best design.)

Despite these protests it looks like Miami will be the first major city in the U.S. to make this shift, but Denver and a few others are following closely behind.

Sounds like Code 21 is just one of the positive things taking root in Miami.

If you're eager to get started with a walkable lifestyle in Miami, check out this Rented Spaces listing:

Priced at $1170/month you'll get a pet-friendly apartment located in the Hammocks area of Miami, convenient to the Florida Turnpike and only 20 minutes from Miami International Airport. More critically, the Hammocks Town Center Mall is within walking distance. Community highlights include bike trails, hiking/jogging trails and a tennis court.

Let's hope that with the adoption of Code 21 more Miami residents will be able to take advantage of outdoor perks such as bike trails and walkable access to shopping and dining.

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