Hankering for a Big House

As a boy, Tom Hanks was never able to establish roots in one locale. His parents split when Hanks was five, after which he lived with his father and two siblings, who bounced around from home to home and wife to wife, often with several children of their own all crowded under the same roof. By the time he was ten, "I had three mothers, five grammar schools and ten houses," the actor told Time magazine.

So you can understand the now-superstar's desire to supersize his living space. Hanks and wife Rita Wilson recently forked over $20,000,000 for a 4 bedroom, 5-bathroom Pacific Palisades manse, as was recently disclosed by Realestalker.com. If the reports are true, the "Big" star is trading up from his longtime 6,289-square-foot home in the same tony LA enclave, to the 14,513 square foot hilltop house, which he bought from the Oscar-nominated husband and wife producer team Frank Marshall and Kathleen Kennedy ("Bourne Identity," "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button," "Schindler's List," "Jurrassic Park," and "E.T.," among their credits).Curiously enough, Kennedy and Marshall produced Hanks' 1986 film, "The Money Pit." But this three-story estate sounds like no fixer-upper.

The new three-story home has a tree-lined motor court, swimming pool, sweeping terrace and a curvilinear façade. It was designed by Gwathmey Siegal & Associates, whose clients have included Steven Spielberg and Jerry Seinfeld.

The spacious digs surely appeal to Hanks' wife as well. Wilson (who has appeared in ("It's Complicated," "Perfume," and "Runaway Bride") recently announced on "The View," "I keep everything. It's very hard to let go of the clothes in my closet." Should her new closets fill up, the couple also owns several other properties in the area, in addition to a $2.950 million property further up the coast in Malibu, purchased in 1991.
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