FarmVille glitch: Players lose farm cash by clicking "turn on the lights"

With the round of updates made to FarmVille on 01.06.10, there was a glitch involving the Christmas Lights feature that may have cost you some farm cash.

Several FarmVille Freaks have reported that after they accidentally or curiously clicked on an icon of "Turn on the Lights" they were automatically charged 34 FV$ for Christmas lights even if they had not previously purchased them.<

Comments from FarmVille Freaks:

"DO NOT TURN ON LIGHTS, I lost 34 cash without purchasing anything, just after a 'Out of Sync' Issue." (FarmVille Freak Felix)

"For me too i didnt know what unlimited lights meant. I clicked to preview like i usually do for FV cash items without actually clicking and placing it on my farm but i lost 30 FV cash with this function. I didnt want to purchase such an expensive item. I was very disappointed. Is there something that can be done to recover my farm cash????? (FarmVille Freak Natasha)

"In today's updates, there was a problem with the christmas lights, even if u haven't bought them, u could turn the lights on in lots of your farm objects, so, i decided to try it, then, zynga launched a yellow bar, which anounces: DO NOT USE CHRISTMAS LIGHTS, ok, but i had already used it, when i refreshed the page, MY FARMCASH HAS POOFED, they tricked me, its like if i had bought the lights. Please, post it in farmville freak, im very nervous about that, and im sure more people has been tricked!" ( FarmVille Freak Luiz Felipe, from Brazil)

If this happened to you and you would like to report this problem to Zynga here are some useful links on how to contact them.

This article originally appeared on FarmVille Freak.

Did you lose FarmVille cash by turning on the lights?

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