Coming to your bank in 2010: New products and lots of fees


Friend or foe? Banks hope you'll think of them more kindly this year by offering a slew of new products aimed at making life easier for customers. But that convenience, along with pretty much everything else your bank offers, will likely come at a price. In fact, consumers should expect to spend a lot more on fees this year as banks look to replace the money they expect to lose once new credit card rules go into effect next month.

Come February, the Credit Card Act of 2009 will be put in place. The act is generally considered among personal finance experts to be a good thing for consumers -- for instance, credit cards are going to have to be more upfront about their fees and interest rates, and won't be able to raise interest rates on current balances unless a customer is at least 60 days behind on a payment. But the move is bad news for the banks, which claim that they stand to lose $50 billion a year due to these changes, according to The Wall Street Journal.

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