3D is coming to a TV near you with ESPN 3D

If you liked Avatar, get ready for more 3D, this time streaming directly to your living room.

ESPN just announced a new channel, ESPN 3D, launching June 11. That's right sports fans -- live sports in 3D. And rumor around the Consumer Electronics Show commencing in Las Vegas, is that Discovery and DirectTV are the next to announce 3D content.

ESPN will premier 3D TV with a broadcast of a World Cup soccer match and says it will show approximately 85 live events in its first year. The station will stay dark when there's no programming and ESPN will reassess the effort in June 2011, to determine if it's worth continuing.

But will 3D really play with consumers? The CEO of the Consumer Electronics Association, Gary Shapiro thinks this is 3D's turning point, much like HDTV six years ago. But six years feels like a lifetime and buying pricey new TVs is a luxury few can afford today.

Because to view 3D content you'll need all new equipment, including TV, HDMI connectors and Blu-ray players for a full home theater. There are some options already on the market from Mitsubishi and Samsung, and most manufacturers are expected to announce more 3D units this week.

And of course you'll need to wear those glasses. Like it isn't hard enough to keep track of the remote ...
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