Marc Ecko's $9 Million Office Lair Could Become a Trailer Park


Way back in 2009 Gawker asked the fiscally responsible question: "Who will rent Marc Ecko's ridiculous office space?" The 270,000-square-foot

28 and 40 West 23rd Streetoffice lair isn't host to large living anymore. 50 Cent's G-Star brand moved out and Marc Ecko and Co. can't afford to stay in the $9 million a year Chelsea space. Like Gawker, we figured there wasn't a high roller with thedough to pick up such extravagant rent. Alas, as this FUBAR-ed (not FUBU-ed, mind you) real estate market has illustrated, the uber rich stay rich and eventually are bailed out. There is always a sucker out there to pick up the scraps and enjoy 50 Cent's stainless steel toilet.

And who knows scraps better than our Hayden Cummings of dumpster diving fame? As it turns out, all that attention Hayden Cummings received for his Nut Factory trailer park (courtesy of RentedSpaces) may have inspired bigger real estate endeavors. Rumor has it that Cummings visited and expressed interest in the half block-long space late last year.