Here's a shocker: Cocoa Krispies won't protect your kids from swine flu

Maybe you spotted the box labels claiming that Cocoa Krispies somehow "helps support your child's immunity." As you can probably guess, this isn't exactly true, and Oregon's attorney general has forced Kellogg's to stop saying that it is.

Kellogg's has officially settled with the Oregon Department of Justice and Attorney General John Kroger. The terms of the settlement specify that Kellogg's has to stop shipping any cereal with this obvious falsehood about immunity displayed on its boxes no later than Jan. 15 -- that is, unless Kellogg's can back up the "immunity" line with actual science.

Also, under the terms of the settlement, the cereal giant will be incinerating millions of packages featuring the slogan and donating hundreds of thousands of boxes of cereal to the Oregon Food Banks and other charities.

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