Dumbwaiter Oven Not So Dumb

Hello? High-end real estate developer? Yes, you there lurking on RentedSpaces to see what amenities real people, and real renters want... here's a hot tip.

Actually, a 360 degree hot tip: the newly designed "dumbwaiter oven." It works like a regular oven with one nifty exception: Instead of the door folding out in all manner of disarray and wasted space, the bottom of this oven works like a trap door and lowers the food to you.

Guess which Founding Father is credited with the original idea?

According to lore, credit none other than multi-tasking, food-futurist Thomas Jefferson for the original concept. The only question? Why aren't these ovens standard in apartments, high end or otherwise? After all, everyone is a foodie these days.

It works like this: The door pulls down to open and lifts up to close. The cooking surface slides up and out of the way when not in use, making it the perfect solution for small spaces. Developers, please jot down that Siemens is one such manufacturer of these neat-o "hover ovens." We can think of a few people who would love one in their apartment...

Another plus: since the oven hangs it's out of reach of curious kids, too.

Let's get cooking.

via Dornob
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