Wear your extra carry-on with a ScotteVest


Air travel gets you where you want to go, but with airlines charging more for checked baggage, ever-changing restrictions on number of carry-ons and new regulations that may keep some travelers in their seats for an additional hour of flight, air travel has definitely become more burdensome. But, with the help of a cool piece of clothing from a company called ScotteVest, you'll be zipping through security faster than Ryan Bingham did in "Up in the Air."

ScotteVest clothing started out as something of a geek's dream; a vest with enough pockets to hold almost any gadget and the ability to connect them together to form a personal area network of concealed wires and even a headphone holder for easy access to your music.

Since the first version, ScotteVest clothing has matured into a sleeker, stylish line of clothing including everything from coats and jackets to hoodies and hats -- and they aren't just for geeks like me.