Wear your extra carry-on with a ScotteVest

Air travel gets you where you want to go, but with airlines charging more for checked baggage, ever-changing restrictions on number of carry-ons and new regulations that may keep some travelers in their seats for an additional hour of flight, air travel has definitely become more burdensome. But, with the help of a cool piece of clothing from a company called ScotteVest, you'll be zipping through security faster than Ryan Bingham did in "Up in the Air."

ScotteVest clothing started out as something of a geek's dream; a vest with enough pockets to hold almost any gadget and the ability to connect them together to form a personal area network of concealed wires and even a headphone holder for easy access to your music.

Since the first version, ScotteVest clothing has matured into a sleeker, stylish line of clothing including everything from coats and jackets to hoodies and hats -- and they aren't just for geeks like me.

Adding a ScotteVest vest or jacket to your travel wardrobe lets you wear an extra carry-on for your next flight and simplifies your waltz through security by letting you keep everything you need in one garment that can be passed through the scanner. Seriously, you can fit a Netbook, a Kindle, water, boarding passes, and much much more in most ScotteVest jackets. You can even fit a tent inside a ScotteVest if you want!

Not only will one of these jackets help you pass through security with ease and avoid the charge of an extra checked bag; but according to ScotteVest, the jackets comply with all TSA regulation preventing access to your carry-on during the last hour of flight. This means that whatever you carrying in your pockets is available to you. Though, if you aren't able to have anything on your lap, you may not be able use the electronics you have stashed in your pockets.

I recently received the ScotteVest Fleece 5.0 Jacket to review for Notebooks.com, and in the past few days have been wearing it with some standard gear, including my netbook. While you would expect to look like a walking Best Buy kiosk and feel like you are carrying the world in your pockets, thanks to no bulge pockets and a weight management system it is comfortable.

Here's a ScotteVest commercial that should help you figure out what the vest can do.

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