YoVille Getting Started Guide

yoville getting started guide
yoville getting started guide

So you've decided to give Zynga's little social sim a try. Unlike FarmVille or Mafia Wars, YoVille is not straightforward. In fact, it can be downright confusing to new players thanks to the mixture of many different elements. However, we've got a simple guide for those that want to get started in YoVille and build up an impressive apartment and group of friends. Sometimes games take determination and skill. In this case, you just have to log in every once in a while!

To get started in YoVille, you must complete a few tasks. You must redecorate your apartment, bake some goodies, and introduce yourself to the neighbors. Once you have done all of these tasks, you will be ready to play YoVille. There's more to the game than these, such as the racing, but they are not all that important unless you have time to kill to try and level as quickly as possible.