SF's Sexiest Realtors Revealed

Now that 2009 is over all the lists come out. What would be one of the worst Best of lists of 2009! (Or ironically good.) Why it would be the website, The Front Steps, and their San Francisco Bay Area Sexiest Realtorround up. That's right these are the hottest, sexiest people who are out there in the Bay Area and have a real estate license.

Apparently there's some controversy when it comes to the San Francisco Bay Area Sexiest Realtor Finals, as the site states that they have the right to delete your comments at will and will not tolerate any inappropriate comments. (Hmm? What what kind of inappropriate comments are harvested from this apparently cutthroat contest?)

Just like the 2000 Bush/Gore presidential elections, there seems to be something wrong afoot in the San Francisco Bay Area Sexiest Realtor voting system. Here's a little controversy on the comment board:
I'm confused. When i voted this morning for Daniel Dervartanian, the percentage was showing 60% and Kevin showed 20%, but now a friend of mine also voted and shows a 22% for Daniel & a higher percent for Kevin. Is the voting only for today? This voting system seems to be rigged or something is definitely wrong with it. How could the vote come down from 60% to 20%. Something seems fishy!!!!
Holy shizzle! Is the San Francisco Bay Area Sexiest Realtor competition using a Diebold voting machine? In general, realtor photos are sort of in the same genre as bad high school senior portraits; totally devoid of irony. The photos need to exemplify the face that you can trust. And not to keep you in suspense, I know this is the moment you've been waiting for -- here are the winners of the San Francisco Bay Area Sexiest Realtors:

Yes, it's a Daniel Der Vartanian/Luba Muzichenko era. In a Darwinian feat of natural selection--only two survive. Yes, this pair of sexy home sellers are much more desirable of just plain ordinary real estate agents I found on the web who are, as they put it, not so good:

Maybe this is the solution to our housing crisis? Maybe more homes would be selling if our nations' realtors were much more sexier? With sinking property values, surging foreclosures, and vanishing home equities, perhaps sexier realtors can help ease the pain of the housing bubble.

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