PetVille Tips: Getting Started Guide

Create a pet in PetVille
Create a pet in PetVille

Zynga's new game PetVille is well on its way to becoming your next new addiction. The premise of this game is to create a pet, clothe and feed it while also maintaining your home and those of your friends.

1. Creating Your Pet
Log into PetVille and you will be greeted by your guide, Nosie. She will walk you through all of the steps necessary to start playing. The first step is creating your pet. You can choose everything from the shape of its head, to the color of its fur. You can also just hit "Mix it up" and the game will create a pet for you. Make sure you choose the sex of your pet and give it a name. As for clothing, PetVille was kind enough to donate a few items such as jeans and shirts to start out with. You'll be able to purchase clothing later.