PetVille Tips: Getting Started Guide

Create a pet in PetVille
Zynga's new game PetVille is well on its way to becoming your next new addiction. The premise of this game is to create a pet, clothe and feed it while also maintaining your home and those of your friends.

1. Creating Your Pet
Log into PetVille and you will be greeted by your guide, Nosie. She will walk you through all of the steps necessary to start playing. The first step is creating your pet. You can choose everything from the shape of its head, to the color of its fur. You can also just hit "Mix it up" and the game will create a pet for you. Make sure you choose the sex of your pet and give it a name. As for clothing, PetVille was kind enough to donate a few items such as jeans and shirts to start out with. You'll be able to purchase clothing later.
2. Cleaning Up!
Next, Nosie will teach you how to care for your pet. You will see a bar of soap on your screen and this is used to clean your pet. This action will give you both coins and love points. Love points are needed to level up. You will level quite quickly at first but over time you will need to perform more tasks. One of the most common tasks is cleaning up your home. You will see various items strewn about your home like tacos, Chinese take-out and popcorn. These items will have flies buzzing around them to alert you they need to be cleaned up. You will receive coins every time you clean an item and be alerted of how many more you need to pick up. A good housekeeping bonus will be given once your home is all clean, rewarding both coins and love points.

Cleaning up and washing your pet

3. Feed Your Pet
Feeding your pet is extremely important, if you don't make sure its bowl is full, it will run away. This often traumatic real life experience is far less stressful in PetVille: a pet catcher will bring your animal home to you but you will have to pay a fine. Choose the food wisely, they are set up with time restrictions, so if you know you won't be able to get back to the game, pick a food that will allow you enough time. You also have the option of choosing the color bowl you would like the pet to have or to match your interior. Once your pet has eaten all of its food, you will receive a reward in the form of a little jewel, this will award you coins and love points. Score!

feed your pet a variety of goodies

4. Decorate Your PetVille Pad
At the bottom left of your game screen, you will find several icons. The first will always get you home, the world icon will take you to various stores, the makeover shop, to the car shop, game section, and more. The furniture store has three levels, one for your living room, the dining room and bed and bath. You can buy as much as you like as long as you are at the correct level and have the coins. Check out the other stores to earn love points when you make purchases.

Shopping for new house decorations

5. Visit Your PetVille Buddies
You will find you neighbors at the bottom of your screen, click to visit and you will be presented with various ways to play with your friend. Each action will take away some energy from your total but you will receive coins and love points. Once you are done with the actions, then it is time to help clean up their house. You will find the same items from your home strewn about the various rooms and will get coins and a housekeeping bonus for cleaning them up. This is the main way to level, so make sure you visit them every day for maximum results.

Dancing with PetVille friends
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