NFL Star's Home Comes With Free Porsche

Atlanta Falcons' tight end Tony Gonzalez is going long in attempts to sell his home in Manhattan Beach, California. For just $3.6 million, you get the house and a 2010 Porsche 911 convertible.

Mr. Gonzalez listed his home at 228 34th Street last year for $3.999M, but was unable to sell at that time. Now, it's back on the market for $3.6M.

The home is listed at 4 bedrooms and 3 and a half bathrooms, 3,725 square feet, and is just two blocks from the beach.

The home has been completely remodeled with a jaw dropping 1,700 square foot rooftop deck that will capture your heart with its three separate sections, lounge chairs, a built-in grill, sound system and bed.
Zillow says the house is worth closer to $2 million, so Tony might have to include more than a car or two to get us to bite on this offer.

Since the Falcons playoff run ended this past Sunday, he and the rest of the "dirty birds" can spend the off-season doing touch-up paint jobs and other staging projects.

A 2010 Porche 911 Carrera Cabriolet retails for $88,000.

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