I Want This House! Fresh Start in Los Feliz for $2.9M

OK, so I've had a weekend. I decided that I wanted to find a house that looked like the life I hope to lead in 2010. Apparently that dream happens to be nestled in the hills of Los Feliz. Plus it's the first week of the new year, so we should be looking ahead to what we want to build this year, all the good we want coming to us. Right? For me that takes shape as a house in Los Feliz with gorgeous views: a house with a family room avec French doors and built-ins leading to the pool. Oh, yeah, and a pool.

I can see the parties. How I will sit poolside with my martini glass in hand. Where I will put the furniture in the bedroom (It differ greatly from those now in the house.) I can even imagine how long it will take me to bike down to lunch at Fred's (too long, I will probably never do it.)

It's got 4 beds and baths, and is more than 6,000 square feet so I can have people around or be alone. Bliss....

Happy New Year!

Live Oak Drive, 90068 | Map & Directions
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