FarmVille Free Fuel Week: It's alive!


FarmVille Fuel Week kicked off today, January 4th.

farmville free fuel notice
farmville free fuel notice

FarmVille Free Fuel Notice

FarmVille 1/5 Free Fuel Icon

farmville 1/5 free fuel icon
farmville 1/5 free fuel icon

When you visit FarmVille today you will automatically receive ONE free fuel refill.

FarmVille Free Fuel Week Sharing Notice

Additionally, you can also share fuel with your FarmVille neighbors by clicking the fuel icon on the left-side of your farm page. By using the "share" option you will share 1/5 fuel refill and give your neighbors the opportunity to "adopt" it via your Facebook newsfeed. Sharing will not take away from your existing fuel.

FarmVille 1/5 Fuel Giftable

FarmVille Free Fuels on Facebook

FarmVille Get Free Fuel

Thanks to FarmVille Freak "FarmVilleTips" for sharing your photos.

This article reprinted with permission from FarmVille Freak.