Daily Wrap: FarmVille's a big home wrecker, Apple tablet arrives in March


In today's Daily Wrap, FarmVille is breaking up relationships! Breaking up with Facebook (maybe) and putting John Deere to shame in terms tractor sales. Read on!

FarmVille: The ultimate home wrecker
Every few days we like to check in with Google Real Time Search to see what people saying about our favorite games. Today we ran across this Twitter (below) that calls FarmVille a home wrecker! OK, that might be a little dramatic, but made you look.

farmville homewrecker
farmville homewrecker

Apple tablet: the ultimate FarmVille delivery system?
The Wall Street Journal says the ballyhooed Apple tablet is coming and it's coming soon. In March, in fact. And, yes, it will be able to play games, but the question remains, will we finally be able to check in on our virtual crops anytime, anywhere? We give that notion two green thumbs up.

Predictors predict (a whole lot) about Facebook games
The "Startup Whisperer" predicts that Facebook games will soon be migrating to the Web. Our friend Eric Von Coelln says that people will tire of 'appointment gaming.' We say: we'll be playing these games until the bitter end.

Fun fact: more tractors are sold every day in FarmVille than are sold in the US every year.
Less fun fact, this factoid was buried in a larger BI article about how a Zynga money man says the ScamVille s***storm was completely "unfair." Somebody call the waah-mbulance.

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