10 Jobs That Will Get a Pay Raise in 2010

With many companies freezing salaries in 2009, there's a slightly brighter year ahead. According to a study done by Robert Half International and written up on CNN Money, these are the lucky folks who could be in for a raise in 2010.

"Companies now want to invest in staff members with specific expertise who can help them capitalize on opportunities that are just emerging from all the economic turmoil," says Max Messmer, CEO of staffing giant Robert Half International.

In a recent look at the IT and finance industries, Robert Half researchers identified 10 fields where pay overall is steady or rising, and starting salaries in 2010 will be more generous than average.

1. Tax accountant

For tax accountants with two to three years of big-company experience, and a track record of achieving sizable tax savings, starting salaries average $46,500 to $61,500.

2. Compliance director

New regulations and accounting rules are creating demand for compliance experts, who, even at small companies, can command starting pay of $83,750 to $108,500.

3. Credit manager/supervisor

Credit specialists, who can evaluate credit risk, manage delinquent accounts, and help improve cash flow, earn starting pay averaging between $42,500 and $57,500.

4. Senior financial analyst

Finance mavens skilled at finding ways to boost profitability start at $57,750 to $74,000.

In information technology, where pay has been even flatter than elsewhere lately, starting salaries in three areas are nevertheless on the rise:

5. Network administrator

Cloud computing, voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) and software as a service (SaaS) have made this role more complex and demanding lately. Starting pay: $54,500 to $80,250.

6. Information systems security manager

Protecting company data is more challenging all the time. Starting salaries range from $96,500 to $130,750.

7. Systems engineer

People who can help employers build and maintain tech support for a variety of new projects start at $64,250 to $93,250.

Administrative employees who can "multitask within teams that have been stretched thin" are in big demand, Robert Half's report says. Three jobs where pay will be rising in 2010:

8. Medical records clerk

Largely because of the complexities of transferring huge volumes of medical records online, skilled clerks' pay will start at $31,500.

9. Customer service representative

A 2009 study by Robert Half and CareerBuilder found that hiring managers consider customer service "most critical" to their companies' survival in this economy. Starting pay: $22,750 to $30,750.

10. Executive assistant

The ability to "wear many hats, support multiple managers, and adapt readily to change," the Robert Half salary survey says, will put 2010 starting pay at $35,000 to $47,000.

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