Stripper Lawsuit against Rick's Cabaret Allowed to Move Forward

Fifty strippers, whose specialty is lap dances, can proceed with their class action lawsuit against Rick's Cabaret International. That's what Manhattan federal Judge John Koeltl ruled on Wednesday, reports the New York Post.

The $5 million lawsuit centers on the alleged practice at Rick's of shorting the lap dancers. Customers for lap dances buy a funny money bill for $24. However, the strippers contend that they only receive $18 for each bill when they redeem them at the end of their shift. The original complaint also noted that the strippers had to pay for their own uniforms, that is thongs. They contended that providing those uniforms was the responsibility of management.

This lawsuit is being closely watched because the plaintiffs are independent contractors, not full time employees. Increasingly, those of you who make a living are doing it as temporary workers.