Top Rental News of 2009

Happy New Year, renters!

In our six months of reporting on the rental lifestyle things have gotten interesting. Renters have become buyers and buyers back to renters quicker than you can say "Tiger Woods' fall from grace."

Here's a run-down of our most popular posts in what continues to be a dynamic playing field. And the game has just begun...

Top 10 RentedSpaces Posts in 2009
  1. How to Save Money on Heat at Night
  2. Tiger's New Lair: Hook or Hole in One?
  3. Girls Next Door Get New Arrangement
  4. Are VA Loans Working for Troops?
  5. 3-Bedroom Cottage Now Includes Nuclear Power Plant
  6. Couple Tortures Loan Mod Agents
  7. Tiger Woods Alleged Mistress Selling Condo
  8. He Works So Others Have Homes
  9. Beware the Nigerian Landlord Scam
  10. First-Time Buyer Tips for 2010
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