Top HousingWatch News of 2009

This year's been a short one for HousingWatch - we're just two months old, but we couldn't have jumped in at a better time. 2009 has been a crazy year for real estate - joblessness, foreclosures, low interest rates - whether you're staying put and keeping watch on your prized investment or looking to hop in and grab a deal, you've come to the right site. Here's a run down of our top stories of 2010. Here's to a happier 2010!
  1. My Big Fat Foreclosure
  2. 10 Things Your Agent May Not Tell You
  3. Hottest and Not-est Housing Markets of the '00s
  4. No Jobs, No Housing, No Bull
  5. Your Broker Needs a Haircut
  6. Citi Decides Not to Play Scrooge for the Holidays
  7. Happiness is a Warm Gun for Kansas Home Buyers
  8. Your Broker Is Worth It
  9. Tiny Homes of the Future
  10. Exclusive Pics: Inside Obama's Hawaiian Hideaway
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