Should Renters Potty Train Their Cats?

Yes people it's true! It's not just some made up story line in "Meet The Parents." Cats as smart as Robert DeNiro's Jinxy do exist. And you too can have one, renters - as long as you've got a year and an extra toilet. You've got that, right? People? Who's with me?

It must be a slow news day for The Wall Street Journal to cover the new cat potty-training trend, but if it can save renters space and stench we figured it was worth taking a look. In her story, reporter Anne Marie Chaker takes you through her trials and tribulations of potty training her two kitties, Buddy and stubborn Mr. Tibbs.

Lets examine the pros and cons (and a video of Chaker):

The Benefits
  • No more annoying, stinky, and space-hogging litter box.
  • No disposing of potentially harmful litter into the environment
  • No more buying expensive kitty litter

Sounds good. Then Chaker goes on to report that cat toilet-training aids like CitiKitty Toilet Training Kit ($30), Cat Seats ($60) and "The Toilet Trained Cat" book ($20, with video to prove it works), have all seen sales increase in the last year. Sounds like the idea's catching on, we think. Maybe we should try that. But then Chaker reveals some details that make the whole proposition sound like a waste of time.

The Drawbacks

  • For the year-long process your cat takes over your toilet (the toilet has to be filled with litter for a period while the cat gets used to the idea) - which means renters with only one bathroom are sh** out of luck
  • Kitty littler only costs an average of $100 a year, so after buying a training kit and/or book, you'll only save $70 or so
What do you think?

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