New Years resolutions for Facebook Games

new years resolutions for facebook games
new years resolutions for facebook games

In the spirit of starting fresh for the New Year, we came up with a list of resolutions ... for Facebook games.

Does anyone really need more than three pet games? Why can't virtual farmers tend to their crops via iPhone? These goals and more will take everyone's new favorite pastime from good to great in the coming year.

Don't auto-invite all my friends to play
Trust me, if your game is any good, I'll let people know.

Don't over-share
Maybe check in with me before letting everyone on Facebook (including my boss) know I spend every waking moment on FarmVille.

Make gifting easier
The only thing better than giving virtual gifts is receiving them, but can you please find an easier ways to transport them into their respective games? Accepting gifts shouldn't require so much work.

Shorter load times
We know you want us to check out all those nice clickable ads in-between rounds, but some of the load times are like those you'd find on a game console.

Keep it short!
We love the strict 60-second time limit for Bejeweled Blitz -- perfect for a quick gaming hit during the day. More games should come in self-contained bite-sized chunks.

Get connected!
Speaking of Bejeweled Blitz, the crossover between the Facebook and iPhone versions is just brilliant, and we'd love to see more of this (tending your FarmVille farm via iPhone, anyone?).

Don't imitate, innovate!
Sure, it's tempting to just follow the leader and make your own version of a popular game -- but how about doing something unique for a change?

Think bigger
We'd like to see more games that push the boundaries of social gaming, such as the brainy 221b game that ties into the new Sherlock Holmes film (not a single doe-eyed animal in sight!).

Do you have any New Years resolutions for FarmVille, Pet Society, Mafia Wars and other Facebook games?