FishVille Hibernator promises fewer dead fish


FishVille has finally released an item that we can really appreciate - the FishVille Hibernator. The hibernator basically slows down your fish for three to six days, depending on which model you buy. This frees the you from having to feed your fish every day and also helps keep your fish alive while you're away.

fishville hibernator
fishville hibernator

The hibernators can only be purchased with the premium Sand Dollars, which means you'll have to spend some real-life cash to procure one of these new gizmos. Hibernators come in two types - the three-day hibernator and the luxury six-day hibernator and cost 15 ($3 value) and 25 ($5) Sand Dollars respectively.

Too bad the FishVille Hibernator didn't arrive before people took off for their holiday break -- you can bet many will return to a tank full of dead fish.