Exclusive Pics: Inside Obama's Hawaiian Hideaway


55, 57 and 57A Kailuana Place, Kailua, Hawaii, 96734

. Those digits are what President and Mrs. Obama, their children and entourage are once again calling home for the next several days.

Seven years ago, my cousin Brendan Lane Larson lived in 55 Kailuana Place when it was on the market for about $3 million and the only structure on a historic piece of prime Oahu beachfront. The pad sold for $9 million, after a major spiff-up but before the president vacationed there. (That's a 183% increase over seven years.) The Obama connection has now brought all three homes on windward Oahu into the limelight, and the appraisals will likely spike--especially if the President signs on the dotted line to buy one of them.