CrimeVille, TreasureVille, Zoo City -- Zynga's next big games?


Zynga, the social game publisher responsible for FarmVille, PetVille, Mafia Wars and more, went on a trademarking spree during the month of December, securing 21 names for potential new games. Of course, many of the names follow the end with 'ville,' including TreasureVille, FrontierVille, CrimeVille and AnimalVille.

After chuckling at fellow writer Nicholas Carlson's prediction that Zynga will launch a Zoo-themed game in 2010, we also noticed the company trademarked Zoo City and Zoo Island this month. Way to go, Nick.

See the complete list of trademarks below:

zynga goes on a trademarking spree in december 2009
zynga goes on a trademarking spree in december 2009

Which of these potential games would interest you the most? We're partial to TreasureVille (provided it's something like Treasure Madness) and Mafia World, which sounds like Mafia Wars on steroids.

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