Beverly Hills Rentals: Now, for Less

Even in times of financial strain, certain neighborhoods weather it without any sign of damage. They remain the same rich, elegant place they were before the strain and so regular folk still can't get in. And in this way Beverly Hills has always been -- and seems it always will be -- a capital of money and status. Even Beverly Hills' adjacent properties stay high in price. However, due to recent serious reversals in fortune, rentals have recently dropped in price becoming more affordable. If you longed to move on up to Beverly Hills, now is a good time to check it out.
It's not like Rodeo Drive is in any danger of becoming the other side of the tracks, but in the area around the heart of Beverly Hills shopping and Robertson Blvd., among the many old, charming apartments and few modern ones, you can certainly find some great deals for rentals.

This area has many pluses, tons of restaurants and bars, parks and greenery, and friendly neighbors you meet while walking your dog or to a coffee shop. You can call Provence your sandwich/coffee shop and the Peninsula or Avalon Hotels your local bar. And not only is the area safe, but it's clean, has tons to do, and is centrally located in Los Angeles. Now with rents dropping dramatically you too can call 90211 or 90212 home for reasonable prices.

This rental is one bedroom/one bath and is only $1200 -- and this steal is only $1295 with parking and extra storage. Remember these are the listed prices -- maybe you could negotiate down? At least try.

Almost 5 years ago I saw apartments similar to the latter one and in the same area for $1695.

A few months ago a friend saw a charming one bedroom apartment with a big, new kitchen, hardwood floors, tons of space and light that was $1700. It was a bit high for her and she continued to look. When my friend checked back in recently -- three months later -- the rent dropped dramatically to $1400. I guess a few months with no takers is making landlords realize they have to drop prices big time. (Note on my friend: She didn't take the apartment because she found something she liked better for a cheaper price still in Beverly Hills.)

There is good news if you are looking to rent in Beverly Hills. You can have all the charm and variety the neighborhood offers for low prices.
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