Zynga founder Mark Pincus schools Charlie Rose on social gaming

mark pincus schools charlie rose on social gaming
mark pincus schools charlie rose on social gaming

In case you missed it, Zynga founder Mark Pincus appeared on the TV show Charlie Rose on December 29 and schooled the PBS host on social games.

The subdued interview offers more of an overview of the emerging social game space, and we were slightly disappointed that there was ne're a mention of the whole 'ScamVille' controversy that erupted in Fall 2009. Then again, that might be an indication that -- while millions of people play these games -- social gaming is still just a blip on the mainstream public's radar.

The most pointed question in the interview is when Rose asks Pincus if "he's in it for the money" and the Zynga CEO responds in earnest that he wants to create a company that he'll be with for "the next 20 years."

"I am interested in creating what Bing Gordon [former Electronic Arts CEO] calls an Internet treasure, and I think that will be remembered in this point in history for great consumer branded Internet services that were created that enhanced people's lives, like Amazon, like Google, like Facebook."

There's not a lot of new information in the rest of the interview, though the brief segment's worth watching just to see "Charlie's Cafe" -- a mock-up of a Cafe World restaurant made specifically for the host -- and to hear Rose pronounce Zynga like "Zin-ga" (as in Zinfandel). Looks like the video clip has been posted on the official Charlie Rose YouTube channel yet, but we'll place it here as soon as it arrives.