Women's clothing deals at Anthropologie


I'll admit I shop at Anthropologie, the overpriced women's clothing store that has funky clothes, home decor, and accessories. But I've found three ways to get a deal on their hot clothes.

  1. Always check the sale rack first. They almost always have a wide selection of tops, pants, purses, and sleepwear for 20-50 percent off. I got a fabulous pair of red heels for 45 percent off once. Having big feet finally paid off!

  2. Sign up for their Antho card, which is NOT a credit card, but tracks your purchases. The card makes it easier to return items without a receipt and still get full credit. So you won't lose any money if a shirt your bought but want to return goes on sale.

  3. Use your birthday discount -- a whopping 15 percent off during your birthday month -- that comes with your Anthro card. The card cannot be used online and cannot be transferred to another person, but you can always shop with a friend.