Taylor Swift Flies the Coop

This past November, after winning Country Music Association awards for Best Album, Best Female Vocalist and Entertainer of the Year, Taylor Swift Tweeted about how she celebrated:

"Just wrapped up a cereal party with my mom and dad at the kitchen table," wrote the country music sensation the morning after her victory. "What a night."

But Swift, who turned 20 on December 13th may do a little less time at the family's table now. This past October, the superstar announced to Oprah that she's leaving the parental crib for her own newly purchased Nashville condo. It has been said that the 4,063 square foot 3 bedroom 4 .5 bathroom penthouse in the city's downtown section cost $1,990,000 million.

"I'm really excited because all my friends moved out and went to college last year and I'm getting those phone calls where they're like, 'Still living with Mom and Dad, huh?'" says Swift who moved with her family to Nashville from their native Wyomissing Pennsylvania when she was 14. As her brother and mother waited for her in car, she would pound Music Row's pavement with demo CDs begging anyone to listen. "So now I'm working on moving out. I'm doing all kinds of construction. That's all I talk about now, tiles and paint and stuff. It's really boring."
Swift's life has been anything but "boring." Of course there was the VMA incident this past September when Kanye West kidnapped her acceptance speech during her win for Best Female Video. And before that, remember Joe Jonas' much publicized 28-second call to Swift that he was dropping her?

According to the wisdom of the Talmud, living well is the greatest revenge. And the superstar plans to do just that. At her new digs, Swift will have access to an Olympic length pool, a 3,000 square foot gym with a yoga/pilates room, a private dog park and a round the clock concierge. Her spacious pad boasts an 80 square foot wine storage room, wrap around balcony, entertainment room, a double height living room with a free standing fireplace and a very enviable 18' x 14' walk-in closet. Swift has explained that her style tends to lean towards "whimsical quirky eclectic..." adding " I just really want it to be different from everywhere else I see." In fact, she told Winfrey that she hoped to have a tree house in the living room.

However, Swift swears that she won't go overboard. "I was raised by a financial advisor for Merrill Lynch," she says about her father. "Before I could talk, he was talking to me about where my money was invested. I don't like to make extravagant expenses unless it's putting back into my career. So the biggest thing I've bought is a tour bus." Roll on baby.
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