Splitting bills with roommates doesn't have to be difficult

stranglingIf you've lived with someone else for any period of time, you know what a pain it can be to track who still owes their part of the cable bill, what's left on rent and who has or hasn't paid for groceries in three weeks. I've seen Excel sheets, whiteboards, bulletin boards and yes, even a chalkboard used to keep track of shared bills. These work, to some extent, but there's an easier way to track shared living expenses -- BillsAreIn.com.

BillsAreIn.com is a new online service that solves the problem of tracking who owes what for shared expenses. You simply enter in your bills and tell it how to divide the total. The individual in charge of paying bills can then mark whether or not someone has paid, and record IOUs. They can also share home announcements with other house members.

The service is very simple right now, and you don't hook any of your utility or bank accounts to it. This means that everything is done manually, including recording cash received. It would be great if users could set up automatic payments to a central account that would then pay bills, but for a young, free service it's still very handy.

For a better idea of how BillsAreIn.com works, check out this video below.

BillsAreIn.com Walk Through from coops on Vimeo.

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