Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard Bail on Annoying Manhattan Rental

Even celebrities aren't immune to New York City rental hassles. As New York magazine recently reported, indie-darlings Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard decided to move to Brooklyn after getting fed up with landlord problems.

The couple had been renting a "big, beautiful, raw" loft on Greenwich Street "super-cheaply" that they took over from Gyllenhaal's aunt. The two side-by-side buildings were adjoined and the owners ran it something like an artist's commune, which was great until one of the owners died and things got complicated.

"It was this totally strange, like, New York situation where there were five owners of the building who were suing each other and we lived on the only floor that they all owned jointly, and so they were all trying to sue us," Gyllenhaal told New York. "It was, like, crazy."

So what does any pregnant New York celebrity do?

Move to Brooklyn, of course.

Gyllenhaal and Sarsgaard closed on their Park Slope, Brooklyn brownstone on Sterling Place near 5th Avenue a few years ago, two days after their daughter, Ramona, was born. They were also motivated to move because their West Village apartment was a fourth-floor walk-up. Which means even these celebrities would be lugging their stroller up and down four flights of stairs each day, because, as Gyllenhaal told New York, the lobby was "three feet by three feet" so there was no way to leave it downstairs.

As reported in Curbed, the couple bought their four-story, 3,600-square-foot brownstone for $1.75 million. It's a rather small sum for a celeb home - but they are on indie-film salaries, so kudos to them for not going all Nic Cage on the situation. The brownstone came with original doors and moulding, seven fireplaces with marble mantels, and floor-to-ceiling windows in the parlor. After a bit of renovation - the home hadn't been touched since the '70s - the family is happily settling into Park Slope, frequenting Gorilla Coffee and beloved Italian restaurant, Al Di La, down the block.

The Gyllenhaal-Sarsgaard family are not forging new territory in Park Slope. Jennifer Connolly and Paul Bettany had lived in the neighborhood until they sold their Prospect Park West mansion for $8.5 million last year, to move back to Manhattan. Michelle Williams reportedly lives in neighboring Boerum Hill on Douglass Street between Smith and Hoyt streets. John Turturro and Keri Russell also live nearby.
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