FarmVille Gold Presents ... RIPOFF!


There is ONE "special" Gold Present underneath everyone's Holiday Tree. But, do not fall for it. Zynga gods should really be ashamed of themselves for this one.

The FarmVille Gold Present can be yours if you are willing to trade in 5 of your Presents and pay 5 FV$ to get it, that's each time you trade you are expected to give 5 Presents and 5 FV$. Be careful not to hit the "Trade" button.

farmville gold presents
farmville gold presents

FarmVille Golden Present

The notice for the Gold Present is also very misleading, having you believe that you will receive a special Present, not that you will share one with your neighbors. Additionally, Gold Presents are said by Zynga to contain only the "best prizes" found in other Presents. NOT TRUE! I found 3 lambs each time. I'm not sure how this is "special" because I had already received Lambs in the other Presents multiple times. Some others have reported winning Brown Chickens and other prizes that you will have already opened in your normal Presents.

This function is only nice if you want to "share" gifts with your neighbors, as it allows you to publish the Present in your newsfeed. Otherwise, do NOT waste your FV$ on the "special" Gold Present!!!

farmville gold present information
farmville gold present information

FarmVille Gold Present Information

What did you get in your GOLD Present?

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