FarmVille cheats and tips: Five ways to level up fast in FarmVille

farmville how to level up fast guide, tips and cheats
farmville how to level up fast guide, tips and cheats

Leveling up in FarmVille depends on how quickly you can plant and harvest crops as well as how many neighbors you have, which are basically friends who are also playing the game. Virtual farmers earn experience points based on plowing, harvesting, visiting and helping neighbors.

Before jumping into our five tips, here's a 30-second overview of what certain items do: Cows and goats give milk, chickens give eggs, turtles give eggs, ducks give feathers, horses give horsehair, sheep give wool, pigs give truffles, rabbits give angora wool. Some animals such as cats and bulls don't yield anything but allow you to pet them or brush them. The bull will sometimes yield a baby calf when placed in the dairy farm with the cows. Another quick tip -- by adding a diary farm and chicken coop you can harvest 20 cows or chicken at once, which means making more money with less effort.

Now that you've inhaled that information, here are five tips that will take you from casual gardener to fearless farmer in no time.