Cafe World medals keep virtual chefs in the kitchen


New Facebook games seem to pop up almost daily, which makes it more crucial than ever for older games to constantly innovate by adding new items and game mechanics. Cafe World (the third most popular game on Facbook) usage has declined slightly toward the end of December. As an avid player of the game it's understandable -- there's only so many times you can prep a dish, wait for it to cook, then serve patrons, clean up, and so forth until the game turns into more of a grind.

cafe world medals keep virtual cooks in the kitchen
cafe world medals keep virtual cooks in the kitchen

So, we were happy to discover that Cafe World finally launched its achievement system, currently made up of five classes with four medals per class -- bronze, silver, gold and royal. The achievements are based on number of neighbors, customers served, dishes cooked, coins collected and how many consecutive days players have logged into the game. While these achievements aren't exactly creative, and more experienced players will already have a few medals on the first day, they seem to offer some much-needed motivation to play Cafe World than we have in the past few weeks.

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