Pet Society tips: How to get started playing Facebook's biggest pet game

Pet Society is one of Facebook's most popular social games. The main goal is to increase your pet's social status by visiting friends' pets, customizing your house and participating in activities around town. Here's a quick guide to help you on your way to becoming top pet!

pet society guide adopt a pet

1. Adopt, name and customize your character.

The first thing you'll need to do once you add the Pet Society application is to create your pet. You can pick from a variety of head shapes, eyes, noses, mouths and skin colors to customize the pet to your liking, as well as christen it with a name. Not satisfied with your initial choices? You'll have the opportunity to change any of those features later by visiting the Stylist in town.

pet society earn coins

2. Earn coins to buy new clothing, furniture, food and gifts.

You can earn coins in Pet Society by doing almost any activity -- feed your pet, play a game of catch, or even scrub them with soap, and you're bound to be rewarded a bunch of coins. You can even try to take a stroll around outside the house -- coins will pop out of trees randomly if you walk through them. Use coins to buy your pet snazzy new clothing, furniture, food and gifts to send to friends. Make sure you keep an eye out for seasonal or special edition items that only appear in shops for a limited time!
pet society getting started visit friends

3. Visit your friends!

With over 21 million Facebook users on Pet Society, you're bound to find that a handful of your friends are already playing. Their pets' houses will show up in your town, and you'll earn coins by paying them a visit. You can even send them gifts (chances are they'll reciprocate and send some back!).

pet society keep pet happy fed

4. Keep your pet fed, happy and clean to level up.

Your pet has three different meters: Hunger, Happiness and Cleanliness. It's your job to keep those meters full by feeding, playing with and grooming them. Doing so will earn you valuable Paw Points (experience), which you'll need to level up in Pet Society. Leveling up nets you more rooms to decorate in your house and better items to take care of your pet with, not to mention it's the best way to gauge how you and your friends are doing in society (you can check on the leaderboard at the bottom of the game screen). Like coins, experience points are also awarded for almost anything you do in the game.

pet society get outside get active

5. Get outside and get active.

Just like us humans, pets shouldn't stay indoors all day. Lucky for them there's a host of outdoor activities for them to participate in! You can buy seeds to plant in gardens outside your house, race against your friends in the Stadium or even buy different bait and try to catch rare fish.

pet society getting started make it your own6. Make it your own!

Pet Society is all about telling your own story. If you're dedicated to collecting furniture, there are new items every week to buy. If you like cultivating relationships with your friends' pets, you can send them gifts and stickers to help them out. If you just like being the most stylish pet in town, you can dedicate your funds to shopping for clothing.

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