Mafia Wars 'Last Score of 2009' missions promise rare loot

Mafia Wars celebrates the end of the year with a special limited-edition mission titled 'Last Score of 2009.' You can locate the 'Last Score' on the game's home page and then choose one of three different missions: steal a shipment of champagne, crash the mayor's NYE party or steal the NYE Manhattan ball. Each costs different amounts of energy and will deliver different payouts, most importantly the chance to receive a rare item after a certain amount of time. See details in the image below.

mafia wars last score mission

Loots items from these jobs, according to Mafia Wars Maniac, is a Champagne Bottle (+25 attack skill), Manhattan Ball Drop (19 attack, 30 defense), Corkscrew (33 attack, 22 defense) and Party Balloons (6 attack, 18 defense). So far, this special mission is on the Facebook version of the game only (not the MySpace version, which has virtual mobsters in an uproar), but we suspect it will be rolling out soon.

What loot did you get from your Last Score missions? Drop a line in the comment section below.
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