Gorgeous new Pet Society fish populate pond; just wait until you see the Royal Gramma


There are some gorgeous new fish in the pond. These are so new that they're not even mentioned yet in the official Pet Society blog or in the forum. Big thanks to Janna for sending in the pics. We're not sure how many other fish there are in this latest release, but here are four kinds. They're all realistic fish, as opposed to something like the Cupcake Fish, which is pure fantasy. Here's a side-by-side comparison of the new Pet Society fish and their real counterparts.

Indian Glassy Fish

I love how transparent and delicate this is.

Image from Wikipedia

Mahi Mahi

Mahi Mahi is fairly common in restaurants, and it's delicious. Who knew it was so mean looking?

Image from missbonita2.com

Rainbow Fish

The Pet Society version almost looks like a flag or a kite. Love it! The real version, not so much.

Image from tropicalfishexpert.co.uk

Royal Gramma

I've never heard of this fish before. It looks almost exactly like the real version. I wonder if the Pet Society artist is big into marine life, or if drawing fish is something new to her.

Image from Wikipedia

Tips for Catching the New Fish

Janna says that she caught all of these using apples and the Pro Fishing Gear. Here's a pic of her pet Violet with her fish. She has so many that she could open up her own Sea World!

This post has been re-published with permission from
Pet Society Anonymous.