Free fitness plan + 30 days free at Curves


Wahoo! The new year's gym promotions are rolling out. With this one you'll a free fitness plan to suit your body, habits, and needs. You can also get 30 days free at Curves when you sign up for a year long membership. Click on the image at right to get the deal.

Enter your name, zip code, and pick a Curves near you. Then enter your email and phone number so a Curves rep can get in touch with you.

Getting a phone call is not as ideal as getting a coupon to print out, but I'm guessing this is how they help craft a fitness plan for you.

Caveats: good for new members only.

New to Curves? It is a women-only gym where everybody does a 30-minute circuit workout that focuses on strength training and cardio. Click on the image at right to get the deal.

Signing up for Curves supports WalletPop.