Pet Society: Festive bait and fish arrive

Today in Pet Society, while my pet Sushi was getting a cup of coffee, I noticed this message from the barista:

Hmm, I thought. We have the festive pudding at home, and Sushi isn't going to eat it. I'll try using that as bait to get the X-mas Pudding Fish. After all, this guy is practically telling me that I'll get a holiday fish. Riiiight?

It's been a while since Sushi has gone fishing, and I'm a bit nervous that I won't do this correctly. But I remember my old zen method of fishing and breathe deeply as I pull and release the rod.

The fish fights hard, but I manage to drag it in. My anticipation mounts. Surely, this will be the Puddingfish. After all, it's two days before Christmas and Sushi has been a good little boy.

Alas, that's not the case. Turns out the fish he caught is the Elephantnose. Not a bad fish, but it's something that we already have, and it's not a "festive fish" as the cafe manager promised. Not to sound ungrateful or anything, but I feel like we've gotten the bait and switch here.

Have you been more successful catching the Festive Fish? Here are some of the holiday-themed fish in Pet Society. You need the Fish Biscuit from the Cash Shop for most of these, but you should be able to catch the Festive Cookiefish and the Festivefish with the seasonal dishes from your recipe book.

Blue Baublefish

Festive Cookiefish

Festive Fish

Festive Treefish

Pink Baublefish

Presentbox Fish

Want more? Here's the full list of Pet Society Fish.

This post has been re-published with permission from Pet Society Anonymous.