FarmVille They of Mystery and Foremost Fruit Farmer ribbons


FarmVille just added two new Ribbons!

FarmVille They of Mystery Ribbon

The They of Mystery Ribbon will require you to purchase and open Mystery Boxes to earn these Ribbons.

FarmVille Foremost Fruit Farmer

The Foremost Fruit Farmer Ribbon works like the Vegetable Virtuoso Ribbon except with fruit. Each fruit Crop that you harvest will earn points towards the Foremost Fruit Farmer Ribbon.

The requirements for these two new Ribbons are below.

Requirements for They of Mystery Ribbons:
Yellow, open 2 mystery boxes, 50 xp, 500 coins
White, open 6 mystery boxes, 100 xp, 2500 coins
Red, open 15 mystery boxes, 250 xp, 5000 coins
Blue, open 30 mystery boxes, 500 xp, 10000 coins

Requirements for Foremost Fruit Farmer Ribbons:
Yellow, harvest 15 fruit crops, 50 xp, 500 coins
White, harvest 500 fruit crops, 100 xp, 2500 coins
Red, harvest 2500 fruit crops, 250 xp, 5000 coins
Blue, harvest 10000 fruit crops, 500 xp, 10000 coins

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