Trucker Laid Off Via Text Message

Randy Dakin barely made it home in time for Christmas after his employer, Oklahoma-based Arrow Trucking Company shut down operations, canceled fuel credit cards and left him and 900 other drivers stranded across the U.S. and Canada. The news came Tuesday morning by the most impersonal means: text message.

The first text message told him to turn in his truck at the nearest dealer. The second offered him a bus ticket or $200 in cash to get home.

"The timing is the worst thing and not being told in a better way. I'm sure some guys are having to sell whatever they could," said Dakin to

Many drivers store large amounts of personal belongings in the trucks including clothing, televisions among other items that are extremely difficult to transport back home. "Greyhound will only let you carry so much," says Dakin.

He's also wondering if he'll ever get paid for his last two trips. "That would have been my biggest paycheck ever with these people." He says the company owes him about $1,300.

So how did Randy make it home? "I was fortunate enough to have had enough fuel in the truck to get back home," said Dakin. Home is in Columbia, South Carolina and Randy was in Virginia when he got the messages.

The company's website has been shut down and no one could be reached for comment.

Supporters have set up a Facebook page called "Support for Stranded Arrow Truckers" to help coordinate efforts for their safe return home.

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