Show your friends: How to get rid of unwanted gift cards on Facebook


Even though more people were feeling OK about giving cash as a gift this holiday season (if the envelope contents at my family gatherings are any indication), people still gave out a lot of gift cards this year. If you were lucky enough to have an aunt who knows you love Outback, like me, then you should consider yourself lucky; but if you ended up with a gift to the Pottery Barn instead of credit at GameStop, you may find a new Facebook app that lets you trade your unwanted gift cards for free very useful.

The Gift Card Exchange App by CardHub on Facebook is a free tool that lets you list gift cards you don't want for all of your friends to view. You can also browse through the list of your friends' unwanted gift cards to find a potential trade or sale. The service is entirely free and operates on the principle of trust rather than verifying gift card balances before the sale. The use of trust is why your gift cards are only seen by your friends and vice versa.

While the tool is very useful if you have friends also using the Gift Card Exchange App, you won't see the immediate availability of trades and number of individuals you would find on other gift card exchange websites. But, the ability to do the trades for free and often exchange for a gift card of the same value are significant reasons to try out the Gift Card Exchange App. Couple that with the fact that Gift Card Exchange lets you trade gift cards for small local businesses that typically can't be listed on many big sites, and you have a great way to get rid of unwanted gift cards.