New Yorkers Are Here to Stay

Many feared that New Yorkers would flee the city after September 11, 2001 – but a report from the Independent Budget Office shows this concern was unfounded.

While a study of IRS tax filings between 1989 and 2007 shows a growing number of people moving out of New York, the number of people moving in has increased every year since 2001, when the attacks prompted a brief rise in departures.

"Some thought that the city would really lose its attractiveness, and we didn't see any evidence of that," Budget Office deputy director George Sweeting told The New York Daily News. "There hasn't been a long-lasting negative effect."
Amidst this rosy picture are some eyebrow-raising facts: More people are leaving than arriving, and those departing are at a higher income level.

Whether the stragglers are stubborn, stupid, or too smitten with the city to turn tail...well, I'll leave judgment to you. But the fact remains that New Yorkers, in some form, are here to stay.
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